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Minty is RESERVED please don’t buy! 💕

My new illeke little helper, Minty.
Original Takara Blythe, Cream Cheese and Jam. RBL +

My new Illeke Little Helper, Minty FA.

She was made with a lot of love and I hope she can find a nice new ‘Forever home’ …

Minty has a beautiful Fair skin color with a number of freckles and funny ears.
She has her original Takara body with a joint neck. Adjusted.
She also has small teeth, only visible from a certain angle.

I have given her color with the highest quality colored pencils, watercolor paint and soft pastels. In between different layers with Mr. Super Clear spray UV cut.
She has 4 pairs of new glass eyes.
And her eyelids are painted with soft pink glitter.
She is a custom ooak doll made from the original Blythe Cream Cheese and Jam. RBL + purchased new in box for customization.

I send her in beautiful packaging, clothing and an extra gift. She also has a certificate of authenticity with number.
I also pack her very well so that nothing can happen during the trip.
I am not liable for any damage.

Sorry but I do not accept money back or exchanges.

My dolls are made with love and it is manual work. Each doll is made with my own style and is unique.
I don’t make it a second.

The Illeke little helpers are not suitable for small children, they are collector items. Treat her with respect and be careful with her face and changing the supplied hands.

It is made in a smoke-free home.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
(If you want layaway pls mail me)

Love, Illeke