Sticker Sijmie




The Animal Cabinet has a new, very special resident. His name is Sijmie, named after Sijmen. A very brave three-year-old boy, which had long battled of 1,5 year against cancer. In this period he has suffered incredible and accept. Yet he never complained and he always thought in terms of solutions and possibilities. Unfortunately he did not survived the long fight against this disease. Still he has managed to inspire many people in his short life, and he lives on in many hearts.

Sijmie the little bunny symbolizes all the brave children who unfortunately have to fight in the hospital against a terrible disease. And because love is needed, an extra hug before bedtime, or just a kiss. The Ronald McDonald houses are so important! This allows parents to be close to their sick child.

And to help this beautiful fund, all the profit of this sticker AND the A5 card, Sijmie bunny, is donated to the Ronald McDonald houses.

The size of one sticker is 8 x 8 cm




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