About Illeke


Hi there, welcome!

My name is Ihlja Verouden, and I am an illustrator. Drawing is my big passion, I truly adore it. I love using pastel colours, polkadots, bows, tutu’s and stripes on the prints. All the animals that I draw are part of one big family; The Animalcabinet. Each little cute animal has his own name and I often need the help of you guys to find one that really fits. Join illeke.nl on Instagram or Facebook and you can help!

My name is my own, and so I decided I needed another name for my illustrations, and that is why I use Illeke, the pet name my mom gave me when I was young, and she still uses it today.

I draw with coloringpencils and pen. Everything is done by hand, and all the drawings are my own original designs.

I share my life with my two cats, Cruella and Rupsje (‘Little Caterpillar’), and my loving boyfriend Robert. We live in an old house, built in 1907.     I love the character of old things and our house is a collection of vintage and beautiful things.

My studio is located in the back of the garden, my favourite place, where I can spend hours and hours drawing. I have my cat Rupsje to keep me company, in her own chair, next to mine, purring and observing me.

There are currently over 70 different postcards designs available (A5 size). They are not only nice to send, but also very decorative, ideal to frame in and hang on the wall. There are also residents in stuffed animals, made by my mother and me! Minicards, A6 postcards, A3 posters, XXL posters, pins,stickers and I’m very proud of the Illeke Kids Clothing! 5 different patterns, tights, skirts and hair ribbons! Made of a perfect fitting and good quality, made by the best coupeuses in The Netherlands. From newborn sizes till the age of 9 years!

If you have your own lovely shop, and you are interested to sell the illeke products, please contact me!

Questions, comments and/or compliments are all welcome! My phone number is +31 (0)681351515, or email me at info@illeke.nl

Thank you very much for your interest!

Love, Ihlja